Asset Commissioning Engineer/Project Manager

Raleigh (On-site)
Applications are considered on a rolling basis


Edged is at the forefront of data center infrastructure development and innovation. We are actively seeking a dedicated Asset Commissioning Engineer/Project Manager to play a pivotal role in our North American operations, and occasionally, in our international ventures. This position offers the unique opportunity to work directly under the Director of Energy Markets, Project Management, and Site Selection, ensuring the seamless operation of our expanding data centers and power generation technologies.

The Asset Commissioning Engineer/Project Manager is responsible for managing the relationship and timeline with utilities and air permitting boards for utility service and operation of our data centers and generation. These job responsibilities currently pertain to North America but on occasion may also involve our multinational operations.

We are looking for someone who has a track record of managing multiple projects with different timelines and goals, evidence of ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and concisely and previous work experience communicating and working with both regulated and de-regulated utility companies.

Our team operates with a two-pronged approach: the Development team (comprising Dev team and managers) and the Utility team (spanning across Fiber, gas, and Power units).

The evolving power dynamics in the US necessitates innovative solutions. With surging power demands from avenues like electric cars, there's an unprecedented challenge and opportunity ahead. As Edged expands, our focus on power solidifies, ensuring this role is central to our growth. The selected individual will not only lead current operations but will also be instrumental in shaping the future direction of our company.

Candidates from a utilities background with roughly a decade of experience will find this role particularly tailored to their expertise. Primacy in the interview process will be given to those who are also both “business fluent” in Spanish and familiar with energy markets in Spain or another Western European country.  However, if you believe you're the right fit but don't check every box, we encourage you to apply. At Edged, it's not just about the qualifications—it's about passion, innovation, and a shared vision for the future. Join us in reshaping the industry.

Reports to:
Director, Energy Markets

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with economic development bodies specific to our operational sites.
  • Interface with utilities to streamline interconnection, tariffs, and various utility-program options.
  • Engage with local air-permitting authorities and partners to articulate operational requirements.
  • Convert sales funnels into appropriate data center dimensions.
  • Monitor and uphold fiscal and timeline projections.
  • Serve as the primary liaison during site due diligence and acquisition stages with local utilities.
  • Lead innovative initiatives, staying updated on technological advancements within and outside the data center industry.
  • Strategically grow our power and gas infrastructure in new and existing markets.
  • Direct and support internal and external teams, ensuring alignment with project scope, budget, and timelines.
  • Provide technical insights across various company departments and prepare materials for client presentations.
  • Oversee engineering projects, delving into both existing and potential markets.
  • Forge and fortify relationships with utility stakeholders.
  • Continuously innovating, seeking solutions beyond traditional power/utility methodologies.
  • Steer the helm through every nuance of securing initial capacity, orchestrating designs, piloting engineering efforts, and scheduling, all the way to forging connection agreements for our MV and HV utility initiatives. This encompasses every phase from theoretical viability through to hands-on construction delivery.
  • Become the pivotal liaison during the diligence and acquisition phases with all local utilities. Immerse yourself in owning and refining the utility diligence processes across all our site portfolios, ensuring we are always a step ahead in strategic power acquisitions and partnerships.
  • Continuously navigate through the sea of technological advancements and innovative breakthroughs both within and external to the data center realm.
  • Engage with on-site generation and renewable energy opportunities, ensuring we are not only keeping pace but also pioneering approaches in sustainable and efficient energy utilization.
  • Maintain regular communication with utilities, particularly during site diligence and construction phases.
  • Travel: 10%-15%, depending on project cycles.

Education and Experience

  • Engineering degree with 5-7 years of experience at the intersection of interconnection processes and electric utilities or 7-10 years of experience in project management within a related sector.
  • Experience within a utility or ISO/RTO, especially in project management or interconnection, is advantageous.
  • Proven track record in leading successful integrations/interconnections for projects ranging from 1-5 MWs and over 20 MWs.

Specific Skills / Abilities

  • Proficiency in deciphering one-line diagrams.
  • Acumen in assessing the adequacy of utility-provided transformer and substation infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive understanding of tariffs across regulated and deregulated utility territories.
  • Familiarity with energy procurement options and ISO/RTO operations.
  • Adeptness in Microsoft Office suite for budgeting purposes.
  • Ability to determine generator run-time hours relevant for air permitting.
  • Navigational expertise within utility organizational structures.

Great Place to Work

  • A fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture focused on innovation
  • A flexible, autonomous work environment
  • A culture of respect, learning, and excellence
  • Experienced, highly talented experts as team peers
  • Growth and travel opportunities
  • Be part of a team of change-makers having a significant impact on real people around the world



Edged is creating a global network of carbon neutral, zero-water edge infrastructure for data center and microgrid projects. Edged is an infrastructure solution that combines rapid deployment with sustainable operation. Modular components, including zero-water cooling and advanced electrical systems, help to lower costs, minimize the environmental footprint, and enable a new generation of on-demand infrastructure as a service.


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Endeavour is taking on global challenges, and to create the appropriate global solutions is not easy. Our teams work extremely hard because we believe in Endeavour’s mission: to guarantee clean water and renewable energy to everyone, everywhere by decentralizing infrastructure, developing new technologies, & deploying energy, water, and waste treatment solutions that are more profitable than those that currently exist. We are a group of passionate change-makers who want to leave the world better than the way we found it. Endeavour prides itself on hiring talented, highly motivated people because that’s what our mission requires. There is a strong sense of camaraderie between good-natured people who bring their A-game to work every day to make a difference. To work at Endeavour is to know that you are part of something special—something bigger than yourself.

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