Power Electronics Engineer

Atlanta, GA (On-site)
Applications are considered on a rolling basis


Endeavour’s GigaGrid product group has an exciting opportunity for a Power Electronics Engineer to join our team, working directly with the research and development team and be responsible end-to-end lifecycle development for GigaGrid’s cutting-edge power electronics product suite.  We are looking for an innovator and leader who will help influence the clean energy landscape. As a Power Electronics Engineer, you will be directly developing clean tech products with cutting edge-power electronics that support distributed solar and battery storage applications and the next generation of EV charging equipment.

Because of our dedication to efficiency and maintaining smooth operations, GigaGrid is highly selective about the people we bring on board—our work depends on it. Therefore, the Power Electronics Engineer must be agile and comfortable in a rapidly changing environment. The right person should be professional, trustworthy with confidential information, highly organized, self-motivated, and able to work equally as well independently as with a team. We’re seeking ultra-creatives and superstar performers with a sense of humility and a hunger to make a positive impact in the world. Are you ready to #jointhejourney?

Reports to:
Director, Engineering & Technology

Key Responsibilities

  • Execute full power electronics hardware design lifecycle activities for the GigaGrid product suite, from concept to deployment, leading the activities around engineering analysis, prototyping, test, validation and documentation and eventual full production release.
  • Work and support cross-functional teams of hardware, firmware, and mechanical engineers throughout the engineering and system integration efforts.
  • Develop new power converters, electronic modules that support GigaGrid’s and Endeavour’s evolving needs.
  • Design, validate and debug complex hardware prototypes during new product introduction sprints.
  • Lead the certification and qualification process for GigaGrid’s product lines.
  • Architect and implement firmware to control power electronic converters, with advanced capabilities and compliance with grid code.
  • Design PCBs and sub-assemblies for power converters, taking into account losses, EMI/EMC and thermal dissipation.
  • Develop and execute test plans, document, and report findings, analyze and design fixes and feature upgrades.
  • Participate in engineering design reviews before releases at various stages.
  • Take ownership of designs, and manage individual tasks, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Travel up to 5-10% of the time.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum B.S. in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent. Master’s or other advanced degrees preferred.
  • 2-5 years of experience in design, fabrication and testing of electrical/electronic hardware for power electronics used in industrial, automotive, or utility scale applications.
  • Experience in hardware architecture, board design, board bring-up and prototype and new product experience.

Circuit design proficiency –

  • Schematic capture and eCAD using Eagle, Cadence, OrCAD, Altium or equivalent.
  • Multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) layout design to support high power density.
  • Experience in designing switching circuits, considering thermal and parasitic elements.
  • DFM techniques, best practices for manufacturability, PCB stack ups, BOM management, production runs etc.
  • PCB technologies, such as rigid, hybrid, HDI, etc.
  • Experience with component selection, such as passives, connectors, cables, etc.

Strong understanding of –

  • Analog and digital circuit design – Op-Amps, MOSFETs, switching regulators, gate drivers, data converters (ADCs/DACs) etc.
  • Best practices for signal integrity, high speed interconnects, communication links (e.g. – SPI, I2C, UART) EMI/EMC etc.
  • Hands-on experience with EE lab equipment like O’scopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzer, signal generators, power supplies, load banks etc.
  • Ability to collaborate across multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams.
  • Experience with managing high volume manufacturing and production partners, processes, product lifecycles, BOM etc.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Specific Skills / Abilities

  • Working experience with different topologies used for isolated and non-isolated power converters, inverters, DC/DC converters etc.
  • Experience with simulation of power converters in MATLAB, Plecs or equivalent software environments.
  • Experience with real-time control, modulation strategies, real-time operating systems used for controlling power converters.
  • Firmware implementation, testing, validation experience on DSP and FPGA platforms using C/C++/VHDL/Verilog.
  • Hands-on experience with design and testing of magnetics for high-frequency transformers, inductors, filters etc.
  • Experience with hardware in the loop (HIL) systems like Opal-RT, RTDS, Typhoon, dSPACE etc.
  • Strong understanding of principles behind soft-switching, resonant power conversion, and their control techniques.
  • Hands-on experience with battery-based systems, Li-ion chemistry, battery management systems etc. is a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with PV panels, maximum power point tracking and control is a plus.

Great Place to Work

  • A fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture focused on innovation
  • A flexible, autonomous work environment
  • A culture of respect, learning, and excellence
  • Experienced, highly talented experts as team peers
  • Growth and travel opportunities
  • Be part of a team of change-makers having a significant impact on real people around the world



The GigaGrid product team is developing a plug-and-play framework for monitoring and controlling the power grid. The GigaGrid framework consists of low-cost edge-computing nodes that can interface with geo-dispersed assets and work autonomously. The smart nodes can work in bandwidth constrained environments, using flexible communication pathways to the GigaGrid backend. The GigaGrid product lines revolve around solutions for grid monitoring, control and automation that can help to optimize grid operations as the adoption of distributed energy resources, such as solar, batteries, and electric vehicles, grows dramatically. The GigaGrid product team consists of engineers who are seeking creative, motivated team members to help them take innovative ideas and turn them into tangible solutions.

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About Endeavour

Endeavour is taking on global challenges, and to create the appropriate global solutions is not easy. Our teams work extremely hard because we believe in Endeavour’s mission: to guarantee clean water and renewable energy to everyone, everywhere by decentralizing infrastructure, developing new technologies, & deploying energy, water, and waste treatment solutions that are more profitable than those that currently exist. We are a group of passionate change-makers who want to leave the world better than the way we found it. Endeavour prides itself on hiring talented, highly motivated people because that’s what our mission requires. There is a strong sense of camaraderie between good-natured people who bring their A-game to work every day to make a difference. To work at Endeavour is to know that you are part of something special—something bigger than yourself.

Today, we’re deploying solutions that are immediately scalable and profitable, including EV charging, data center cooling, and waste to fuel systems. As we look to the future, Endeavour intends to remain at the forefront of innovation, taking on grander challenges based on the needs of our clients and of local economies. We hope that our Sustainable Habitat for Innovation with a Purpose (SHIP) will be a model that inspires people and businesses to #jointhejourney so that together we can combine the best of what technology and the natural world can offer to ensure a regenerative/sustainable world for generations to come.

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