It’s time for a new approach to water, waste, and energy infrastructure.

One that delivers clean water to everyone

30% of world population lacks access to safe water at home

One that makes renewable energy easier and cheaper than fossil fuels

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90% of transportation energy used in the US in 2021 was petroleum-based.

And transforms waste into valuable commodities

91% of plastic produced has never been recycled.

Endeavour is purpose-built to support the reliable, rapid growth and sustainable operations of global cloud & logistics companies.

We develop the core technologies needed for sustainable IT & logistics.

We validate and scale solutions with top utilities & manufacturers.

We deploy distributed energy & IT infrastructure with cloud companies.

These partnerships make it possible for Endeavour to scale breakthrough technologies that make clean water and renewable energy affordable and accessible to communities worldwide. Endeavour reinvests profits from the companies that we launch to create a continuous, self-sustaining cycle of innovative solutions for many of the world’s greatest challenges.

Diagram showing Endeavour's process from ideation to R&D, prototyping, pilot testing , scaling and on to launch, with reinvestment flowing back to the previous stages.
View from the inside of a power plant cooling tower with blue sky above

Overcoming barriers to access

Centralized infrastructure can benefit from economies of scale, but its high cost leaves much of the world with poor services for water, energy and waste. It also locks communities into outdated technologies for generations.

Endeavour and its partners challenge that paradigm with small, distributed systems based on modular components. We gain economies of scale through replication, not concentration. This allows us to build resilient systems, iterate rapidly and drive down costs enough to make sustainable infrastructure ubiquitous worldwide.

Building a SHIP for the long journey

Endeavour was conceived as a Sustainable Habitat for Innovation towards a Purpose. This model allows us to maintain financial independence and provides the ability to redeploy 100% of profits from the companies that we launch to self-fund new innovations.

This model gives us the flexibility to navigate between short-term market opportunities and audacious long-term goals. It also creates a unique atmosphere that encourages cross-pollination and attracts a crew of passionate world-changers.

Ocean waves
Roadway crossing over a stream and under power lines

Investing at the nexus of energy and water

We’re on a journey to prove that sustainable businesses can produce more value for communities and investors than the polluting industries that they replace. We work with energy and water systems because they are deeply interconnected and central to the most pressing challenges of our time.

We partner with impact investors to accelerate the growth of sustainable infrastructure solutions. Together, we launch companies that deliver both high financial returns and positive impact, with significant benefits for the communities where we operate.