We’re building companies to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

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Reinventing data infrastructure

Edged is creating a global network of zero carbon, zero water sustainable data infrastructure with a full suite of modular, reconfigurable components.

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Mainstreaming modular microgrids

GridBlock is rolling out plug-and-play modular power infrastructure to simplify EV fleet charging and distributed generation.

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Scaling the
Active Grid

gigagrid helps utilities profitably transition from a traditional centralized grid to the increasingly
decentralized Active Grid.

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Fueling the
Carbon Shift

Pact Fuel is developing ultra low carbon renewable and green diesel fuels that allow industrial companies to eliminate their carbon footprint affordably.


Creating value
from waste

PACT ZERO is scaling a modular system that safely converts non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into low-cost fuel, energy and other valuable materials.

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Bringing clean water to everyone

Voltek Water is making affordable water treatment and desalination available anywhere in the world.

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