Apr 22, 2022

Endeavour’s Earth Day Update

As we celebrate Earth Day, Endeavour invites you to work with us on solutions to some of the world's toughest challenges. No more waiting. The time is now. Join the journey.

Jake Carnemark
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I’d like to take the opportunity on Earth Day to provide an update on the status of some of Endeavour’s core initiatives. We created this company to deliver sustainable infrastructure at scale — and to try to solve some of the key technology challenges needed to do it today. No company would ever announce that they are going to wait 20 years to improve their profits. We think that sustainability demands the same.

The first stage of this journey has focused on delivering critical grid infrastructure and building more sustainable and reliable data centers. Our Edged group is on track to construct more than 1GW of zero water, carbon-neutral data center capacity globally in the next 5 years. The technologies that go into these next-generation data centers also provide better infrastructure for the communities that they serve.

We are rapidly scaling greener power infrastructure with the GridBlock Energy Router. This technology “packetizes” energy to provide a level of grid flexibility and reliability that has previously been impossible. It is initially being deployed for sustainable microgrids and fleet charging, but over time I expect that its most dramatic competitive impact may be seen in future data centers. It solves some of the key challenges with scaling clean energy infrastructure in regions without reliable grids, which is where most of the world lives.

This week, we began the first real-world rollout of our new distributed grid monitoring platform in partnership with a major U.S. utility. This system delivers “smart grid” functionality at 1/10th the cost of traditional approaches, making it feasible to deploy widely across distribution grids. This allows utilities to improve reliability and support high levels of low-carbon distributed energy sources and fast-charging electric vehicles at a lower cost.

We recently finished our 1-year validation process with our partners at Georgia Tech of our catalytic carbon technology that will enable us to produce distributed carbon-free dispatchable baseload power that is cost-competitive with fossil-based power generation. It produces no CO2 across the full power cycle, and it can leverage existing energy distribution infrastructure, which significantly simplifies wide-scale rollout. It also provides a pathway for $1 dollar/kg sustainable hydrogen today — no need to wait 10 years.  

We have validated and are scaling a new modular system that converts non-recyclable plastics to cost-effective greener diesel fuel and can also produce greener aviation fuels. We see this as a scalable tool for cleaning up the waste plastics that have become a scourge of marine ecosystems across the developing world, while helping reduce demand for virgin fuels for some of the hardest-to-electrify systems.

The waterless cooling platform that we’re currently rolling out is, we believe, the most efficient system in existence. We will soon begin to publish performance data, and we welcome competition to help advance the industry. Data centers (and nearly every other large building worldwide) desperately need better waterless cooling infrastructure, and that need is growing rapidly as our climate warms and as water scarcity increases.

One of our key goals is to transform the data centers that power much of our economy into net potable water producers. In the coming year, we will be advancing our hydrogel air-to-water nanotechnology out of the lab. We think it will deliver on this goal. It is one of several water technologies in development, both large-scale and small-scale, geared toward delivering low-cost water derived from polluted and non-potable sources.

An incredible team at the Endeavour companies is making all of this happen now. Together, they are bringing important solutions to scale in months instead of years or decades. Together, we all stand at a critical inflection point. We truly have no time to waste. We look forward to the coming year of action together.

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Jakob Carnemark

Jake Carnemark
Founder & Chief Executive Officer