Aug 22, 2022

E-WIT Scholarship Announcement - Congratulations, Abigail Battick!


Abigail Battick, a Kingston, Jamaica native, currently attends Howard University in Washington D.C., pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. From September 2021-May 2022, she served as a Junior Resident Assistant, and from June through July of 2022, Abigail interned at Barbados Light & Power Company in Saint Michael, Barbados. Since January of 2021, Abigail has volunteered at Every Mikkle Global Youth Foundation supporting children and working towards poverty alleviation, having led a $10,000 USD project for at-risk youth.

During the summer of 2020, prior to entering Howard University, Abigail was accepted into the prestigious and highly competitive 4-week Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE), consisting of the top STEM students from across the Caribbean. After completing the program, Abigail and four other Jamaican SPISE graduates started the Future Innovators Electronics Club for the 2021 school year, teaching 7th through 13th graders the basics of electronics and microcontrollers. Because of her experience in SPISE, Abigail’s eyes were opened to the educational disparities between countries, especially the lack of educational resources facing many students across the Caribbean. Her empathy, her passion for service, and her ability to see the benefits that technology can provide are what drive Abigail to pursue a degree in engineering. As Abigail puts it, she “aspires to be an engineer, not only for [herself] or [her] close community but for the world at large,” to make sure that everyone everywhere has the basics, like running water and electricity. “[Her] motivation is to enhance the progress of technology without leaving those who do not have access to it behind.”


Endeavour’s Women In Technology Group (EWITG) aims to provide opportunities for women in the areas of technology and sustainability, to level the playing field and support women to be future leaders in these previously male-dominated industries. The EWITG Engineering Scholarship is one way that we provide support. We seek motivated young women with a strong drive towards academic excellence with the intention of using their education to make positive change in their local communities and/or around the world. Additionally, we look for candidates who share Endeavour’s values (empowerment, innovation, communication, and sustainability) and our love for people, planet, and purpose.