May 1, 2023

Data Center Demand as a Catalyst for Sustainable Infrastructure

Today, I am pleased to announce Endeavour is launching a massive network of ultra-efficient, zero-water and carbon-neutral Edged Data Centers across the United States. Nine locations are slated to begin construction in key markets this year, joining Edged Data Centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao-Arasur, which are nearing completion. Together, these facilities form the foundation of a global network of sustainable energy infrastructure.

Jake Carnemark
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

One year ago, I gave an update on Endeavour’s core initiatives, our new Edged sustainable data center network and our family of supporting infrastructure technologies. At the time, we had a strong sense of the urgency and scale needed to address climate change head-on. Today, that urgency has only propelled us further.

We are scaling a new generation of infrastructure technologies with the goal of helping to transform data centers into a catalyst for sustainable development.  

Our first Edged Data Centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao-Arasur, which we announced in 2021, are nearing completion and another in Lisbon will begin construction soon.

Today, I am pleased to announce we are launching a network of ultra-efficient, zero-water data centers across the United States. The platform will be carbon neutral. The first phase includes nine data centers in key markets of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Central California—all with a guaranteed PUE of 1.15. By this time next year, these sites will be nearly complete. This rapid pace of development is critical for the IT industry to earnestly meet the challenge of climate change, and it is possible because of the unique Edged platform.

Edged is backed by a deep stack of sustainable technologies, all of which have made major progress in the past year.

  • Our cooling team is shipping the first ultra-efficient modular waterless cooling system, which is designed to handle the dense AI-driven loads that are reshaping the IT industry, while eliminating the data center’s water footprint and using 73% lower energy overhead than the industry average. The system was designed for a 60º delta T and to support both high     density racks and liquid-to-rack solutions. 
  • Our grid technology team is ramping up manufacturing for innovative microgrid systems to power future data centers and critical new loads like EV charging, while making the grid more resilient. This multiport, software defined microgrid-in-a-box technology simplifies design and deployment of grid-interactive infrastructure.
  • Our power team is scaling manufacturing of new generators that can cut data center air emissions by 90% and can run on pure hydrogen. The system brings together rapid ramp times that match diesel generators with ultra-low emissions comparable to a fuel cell. 

And we’re not stopping there. We’ve partnered with one of the largest hydrogen infrastructure companies to scale our patent-pending technology that makes zero carbon fuels affordable for power applications. It leverages a new catalytic cracking process that produces carbon neutral hydrogen fuels at a fraction of the cost of current methods. When combined with solar, wind and battery storage, these zero carbon fuels give Edged Data Centers and other Endeavour companies a clear path to 24/7 zero carbon operations, anywhere in the world.

I’ll end this update with the same message of urgency and determination that I offered this time last year: Together, we all stand at a critical inflection point. We have no time to waste. I invite you to Join the Journey.


Jakob Carnemark
Founder & CEO

Jake Carnemark
Founder & Chief Executive Officer